The 1960’s Pop Music Icon and Actress Chose

Pho 90 for New Books Release

Thanh Lan has been as a well-known popular Pop music singer and movie actress of South Vietnam since early 1960s. Her popularity started from the early age of nine. She was a familiar face and voice on VTVN radio and television programs in Saigon, South Vietnam in early 1960s until the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. Her first acting career started in 1970 in a motion picture as a leading actress. The continuous of her motion pictures was then expanding to more than 20 feature films until these days. Her involvement in arts (singing and acting) was not only gained her national fame in the South Vietnam but that crossed the Pacific Ocean to reach Japan’s entertainment industry and Japanese fans in 1973. In Japan, she attended the International Music Festival of Yamaha, accepted the offer to record with Victor Production. In 1975, another Japan’s production approached her for a leading role in feature film Number Ten Blues which was completely shot in Vietnam. Her most popular movies during this time were included The Singing Students (1970), Tears of Stone (1971), Carried Load of Flower (1972), Please Don’t Desert Me (1973), Number Ten Blues (Japanese production 1975), etc... In 2013, she once again, rocked Japan as she appeared together with director Norio Osada at Fukuoka International Film Festival and Osaka European Film Festival. The lost then found film Number Ten Blue (renamed Goodbye Saigon) received Audience Award in Osaka then gained attention at many other international film festivals from America to Europe before it goes back to Asia. Answering the press interviews with a beautiful smile, Thanh Lan said she can’t remember how many albums and songs she has been recording during her 65 years long of the career as a songstress. Her Vietnamese music fans around the World remember Thanh Lan as one of the most famous singers, in the interpretation French and English/American pop music. They said her pictures, her record covers were flooded in all music stores from Vietnam to USA, Europe, Australia, etc. wherever her Vietnamese communities are. In estimation, when asked, a fan who attended her book signing and music performance at Pho 90 on Sep 22, 2022, said the number must be a thousand songs were recorded and about hundreds of albums have been released throughout more than six decades of Thanh Lan’s musical life. \After many times trying to escape the Communist regime in Vietnam, in 1993, Thanh Lan finally found her way to escape for the freedom and freedom of speech. She landed in the United States with an invitation for a film premiere of a US production that shot in Vietnam which she appeared with a lead role. In California, United States, Thanh Lan then claimed for political asylum in 1994. Nowadays, she has remained active in singing and in acting around the globe, both on stages and in motion pictures. Her latest motion picture was My Vietnam, directed by Ringo Le (2022), made in USA. Releasing her two memoir books, written in English and Vietnamese is yet, adding another talent of Thanh Lan as a writer. Her bachelor of English Literature from University of Saigon was well prepared her in mastering the both languages. These books are not to miss for those who want to understand their Vietnamese friends and about Vietnamese culture and history. You can find these two books A Tumultuous Life (English version) and Bão Tố Cuộc đời (Vietnamese version) at Phở 90. Just Hototo


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