PHO 90 – The Diamond Award Winning Restaurant

Hosted the Award Winning Actress Kieu Chinh from Hollywood

Keu Chinh Picture

Hollywood, Kieu Chinh has made her memoir book tour in Toronto as her first international destination outside of United States. The red carpet rolled out in early December 2021 at Pho 90, one of the Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Diamond Award Recipients. No other venue in Toronto is a better fit for this red-carpet event as the actress and the restaurant owners share the same culture and language. Kieu Chinh appeared in many US and Asian productions in 1960’s and 1970’s including “A Yank in Vietnam”, “Operation C.I.A.”, “Destination Vietnam”, “The Evil Within” “Full House”, played opposite with Burt Reynolds, Marshall Thompson (from Hollywood), Amalia Fuentes, Leopoldo Sacedo (from Philippines), Dev Anand (from Bollywood). After the fall of Saigon, South Vietnam in 1975; Kieu Chinh became a refugee in Toronto, Canada. She later entered Hollywood from modest roles to co-star roles in “The Children of Anlac” or The Girl Who Spelled Freedom. Her beauty then and always gained her roles with protagonist as Mallan in “Vietnam Texas”, Suyuan in “The Joy Luck Club”, or a grandma in “Journey From The Fall”, etc. Moreover, Kieu-Chinh is well known in many movies and television shows as “M*A*S*H”, “Hamburger Hill”, “Riot”, “Face” and FOX-TV series “21”. She has received many awards, to name a few such as Best Actress in South Vietnam (1969), Best Leading Actress in Asia (1973). Her reallife documentary Kieu Chinh: A Journey Home won Emmy Award in 1996. Her other awards can be named as Special Acting Award (Women’s Film Festival in Turin, 2003), numerous Life Time Achievement Awards that she was honoured at Vietnamese International Film Festival in Los Angles (2003), San Diego Asian Film Festival (2006), San Francisco Film Festival (2015), Festival of Globe (2015), Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles 2020. Her most recent honourable for charity works is the Humanitarian Award from Asian Film Festival in Los Angles (2021). Kieu Chinh’s memoir book, in both English and Vietnamese, is a self-retold story about how she survived three wars: World War II, the Indochina War, and the Vietnam War. The Best Actress Winner in Asia of the 70's, who lost her country, lost her audience and her own fame in Asia due to the war. Kieu Chinh is a woman of resilience. Having passion with silver screen since 1950's, she has continued her acting career in Hollywood as almost a complete stranger, also as a refugee, a single mom, a sole bread winner for her three children. She has worked hard to achieve the American dream by balancing herself in between acting career, charity works while being a lecturer of the Greater Talent Network in New York. She has been an inspirational speaker at many universities, conferences, and big-box companies across United States. This book signing event was a remarkable occasion with mixture of literature and cinema in style since the author is not just a writer, but a well-known actress who celebrates her 65 years in acting career from Asia to Hollywood this year. Pho 90, the elegant and stylish restaurant that has been proud to receive the two Diamond Awards as the Best Vietnamese Restaurant and the Best Overall Service Restaurant by the Toronto Star newspapers has offered a graceful yet homely and unforgettable ambiance to the guests and media attention that night. Koodo to the organizers who have brightened the Stockyards - Junction neighbourhood amid of the wintery, lingering Covid-19 Pandemic. Just Hototo

Book Signing Event of Kieu Chinh

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